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hcp-1.7.1 metron-alerts-ui bug

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Under CentOS7 there's a bug which prevents metron-alerts-ui from starting.

In /etc/rc.d/init.d/metron-alerts-ui, METRON_HOME is set to:


It should be set to:


Super Collaborator

Hi @David Auclair, can you check the contents of /etc/default/metron and the value for 'METRON_HOME' in that file?

So, in the /etc/rc.d/init.d/metron-alerts-ui file, the above file is sourced (see this link) which sets the proper METRON_HOME variable.


I got the error of alert UI, after change the value 'METRON_HOME' on

based on
, the service start but died in a few minute. The things that i do was start the alert UI and restart the service before it died. The alerts ui now its running.


Can you help me about HCP 1.7.1 installation ?

I try to Install HCP 1.6.1 on single node ( Centos 7 ) but in ambari-server web I can't see Metron & Elasticsearch & Kibna Serivce for select and installation.

Is it possible to install HCP 1.7.1 in single node ?


sorry @haco fayik, the version of HCP of mine is 1.6.0, currently do some testing on it.


Hi @Amirul, version is not important for me . can you tell me about your HCP environment ( Number of Server, OS , etc ) ?

I need to help about HCP Installation ( 1.7.1 or 1.6.0 or ect )



yes, hello @haco fayik,

I'm using single node installation with Centos 7.

Ambari version 2.6.2 with (HCP 1.6.0 and Elasticsearch 1.6.0) mpack's


Thanks @Amirul ,

I try to install HCP 1.6.0 on Centos 7 but in ambari server metron and elasticsearch services not exist. I have same problem in installation HCP 1.7.1 . please see my question in below link :


finaly can you provide Installation guide with details ( Step by Step from OS installation and hardware requirements - software installation and etc ) ?