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hdfs user not able to create external table on S3


We have hortonwork cluster with kerberos and sqlstdautherization. Both security work fine excepts for create table for other users except hive. hive and hdfs are part of admin users.

Hive user is able to create all kinds of table but hdfs user not. S3 policy is open for all users.

I am able to use hadoop command to see s3 bucket in hdfs user. I am able to create local/external table on hdfs user. but I am not able to create external table on S3 using hdfs user. I am getting below error.

Error: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: HiveAccessControlException Permission denied: Principal [name=hdfs, type=USER] does not have following privileges for operation CREATETABLE [[OBJECT OWNERSHIP] on Object [type=DFS_URI, name=s3a://bucket_name/user/hdfs/TEST]] (state=42000,code=40000)


I am able to create external table on s3 using hive. It is giving above issue only in Hiveserver2/beeline.

Hi @Alpesh Virani
Guess you're ranger installed as well, right? If so, try to add the hdfs user to the policy.
Otherwise, take a look on this:

Hope this helps.

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