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hive 2.3 return NULLS using NIFI convertAvroToORC


I just wanted to generate a new topic since it looks like a problem is NIFI ConvertAvroToOrc and not a HIVE.

ORC file is generated by NIFI ConvertAvroToOrc ( NIFI 1.4 ). Using it as external hive ORC table query returns NULLs. It works fine with hive 2.1.X and it breaks with hive 2.3.

Please find all the details on the topic:

What should be done to NIFI ConvertAvroToOrc knows to work with hive 2.3 properly?

I checked writer version of ORC:

ORC generates with NIFI "writerVersion": "HIVE_8732"

ORC generated with HIVE 2.3 "writerVersion": "ORC_135"




Super Guru

ConvertAvroToORC in Apache NiFi uses Apache Hive 1.2.1, which is not guaranteed to be compatible with any Hive 2.x release, although it's nice to know that it works fine with 2.1.X. The NiFi in Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) uses HDP Hive, which is 1.2.1 plus many additions. This is also not guaranteed to be compatible with any Hive 2.x release, but it may just happen to work for you.

In the future, I presume there will be a set of Hive/ORC processors that use Hive 2.x rather than Hive 1.x. However, an Apache NiFi release will still be using Apache Hive / Apache ORC libraries, so it still might not work with a vendor-specific version of Hive. Again the exception is HDF NiFi, which supports HDP Hive.