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hive Skewed on string value



Hi -

I am creating a skewed table in hive - skewed on a string column. Attached is the code snippet.

The script runs fine however I dont see separate directories created for values in skew list in stock column.

I see separate directories created if i change my skew on a price(double type) or qty(int type) column.

I should be missing something when i try to perform a string unless it is not supported for this datatype.

Appreciate your inputs.


Super Guru

@Rajesh Sathrasala

You might be hitting following bug - list bucketing feature doesn't support upper case values. Change ('AMZN', 'GOOGLE') to ('amzn', 'google').



Hi.. I tried lower case and it didnt help.



It worked after i changed the values in hive table to lower case. Thank you for providing this info.

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Are there news about this issue?

I cannot change values to low case so I cannot use skewed tables.