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hive on spark job suddenly runs abnormally slowly

New Contributor

Other jobs in the cluster are running normally at the same time,Only one job runs slowly at every a statement to build a table, it ran for more than 700 seconds.What causes this situation?


Expert Contributor

WHat is your CDH version ?


Provide the application logs.


Please review if pre-reqs has been done as per


Please review the FAQ 

Expert Contributor

Hi @yudh3 


This application is deployed first time or it is an existing application. If it is first time then you need to tune according to what kind of operation you are doing.


If an existing application, this issue is occurring recently or from long time it is there. If it is occurring recently, is there any data change or any hdfs/hive issues.


Without understanding the logs, difficult to tell what is the exact issue.


Please go ahead and create a case for this issue, we will work on.