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hive rest api : cannot query tables ?

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Unable to query hive tables... was able to retrive the schema of tables, couldn't get the data of the table?


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@Neeraj Sabharwal We have configured webhcat and is working fine to retrieve the schema http://<IP Address>:50111/templeton/v1/version/hive? result : {"module":"hive","version":""} but while running a query to retrieve the data of a hive table , its throwing {

error: null;


@Krishna Srinivas Please see's in my vm

Job is still running.

[hive@sandbox ~]$ curl -s -d execute="select+*+from+nstest;” \

> -d statusdir=“nstest.output" \

> 'http://localhost:50111/templeton/v1/hive?'

{"id":"job_1454999065989_0008"}[hive@sandbox ~]$


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@Neeraj Sabharwal Thanq for the detailed description and yes the jobs are getting initiated the same way, but am afraid couldn't get it from the google rest api client. How can we execute a query from rest api client, whenever am initiating its throwing


@Krishna Srinivas Do you have connectivity to cluster from google rest api? If connectivity is there then you are all set and if not then its bigger problem.

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@Neeraj Sabharwal hiveexecutequery.png Please find the document, I am able to do the query but can't see the results from the API. My interest is an application using this api to pull the data

@Krishna Srinivas Your job got submitted and now , you need to access output from HDFS. Not possible to display data on screen yet...WIP