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hortonworks sandbox or hortonworks on centos7

New Contributor

hi community , please i need your help 

i'm confused between installing hortonworks sandbox on docker or download hortonworks with ambari , the problem is i'm working on big project big data and i need many tools such as hive , spark , elastic ... my pc is 16 gb ram 

please help me 




I recommend you keep reading the available documentation. The Hortonworks Sandbox is somewhat dated by now, but can still be a useful pre-configured version of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for exploration and learning that you can run in the cloud or on your personal machine. Docker is one popular way to support running the Sandbox. There's an extensive set of tutorials on running the HDP Sandbox starting here:

Learning the Ropes of the HDP Sandbox

The HDP Sandbox comes with Ambari and a fairly complete HDP "stack", including Hive and Spark. You can confirm which versions by reading the HDP release notes. For example, here are the Apache versions of all the HDP 3.0.1 components (the version of HDP will vary with the various releases of the HDP Sandbox):

Hortonworks Data Platform - Component Versions

As far as downloading the complete HDP Distribution and installing it on one PC running centos7 using Ambari, if you are a beginner, that will be quite challenging for a number of reasons. Before you go too far down that road be sure to read and understand the recent announcement regarding the availability of Ambari and HDP from Cloudera's public repositories here:

Transition to private repositories for CDH, HDP and HDF



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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