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how can i access to ambrai session

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Hi, I'm new hortonworks hdp user, so i downloaded virtualbox machine and tried to access via my browser but it asked me my username and password and I dont know how to get them 😞



@Youssef Zifri Can you try admin/admin?

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Tank u i foud it 🙂

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No it's :

username/password : raj_ops/raj_ops Or maria_dev/maria_dev

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Looks like now Password they updating in HDP VM Image, text file you can check in that .

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@Youssef Zifri

VM password change


If you want to reset the root password of the Sandbox/VM then you can login in it using "single user mode" and then easily reset the password as mentioned in. Check if the "root/hadoop" username/password is working or not.



3. Or use the docker command to reset it:

sudo docker exec -i <container-id-or-name> passwd

Ambari password change

---------------------------------------- If you want to reset ambari password then once you logged in to the VM using ssh and then use the command 'ambari-admin-password-reset ' to reset ambari admin password.

# ssh root@ -p 2222
# ambari-admin-password-reset 

There is another option to change ambari admin password. In which you can login to ambari database (by default it is postgresql) and then run the following SQL query which will reset the ambari 'admin' users password to 'admin'

[root@sandbox tmp]# psql -Uambari ambari
Password for user ambari: bigdata
ambari=> update ambari.users set user_password='538916f8943ec225d97a9a86a2c6ec0818c1cd400e09e03b660fdaaec4af29ddbb6f2b1033b81b00' where user_name='admin';

Then restart ambari-server so that it can take the changes.

# ambari-server stop
# ambari-server start