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how can we monitor / get email notifications related to hadoop hbase cluster, i dont know how to add nagios plugins related to it


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@ASIF Khan

In Ambari Managed clusters you cam use Ambari Metrics Collector to monitor your resources.

Also ambari provides various Alert Notification Features that you can use (Like SNMP / E_Mail) notifications:


A good article with detailed steps for Email Notification:

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@ASIF Khan -- Additionally:

From one of my old thread i am posting the content here:

It is better to use Ambari Metrics Collector for Hortonworks HDP monitoring. It also offers Grafana to visualize the statistics and metrics in more useful manner.

In Earlier version of Ambari used to include the plugin capability with Nagios and Ganglia however those were removed due to following limitations.


So recommended way is to use AMS (Ambari Metrics Collector Service).

Using Grafana:


I have plain Apache hadoop hbase cluster need to deploy nagios and start email notifications for the same @Jay SenSharma