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how to access HDP sandbox from a remote machine within same network using SSH

New Contributor

I have installed HDP sandbox on my Windows laptop on Virtual Box. Now I want to access the sandbox environment from my another mac machine using SSH connection. What network option i have to use to achieve this ?.

I have already tried bridged network option and port forwarding option of NAT in Virtual Box but none of the option work.

my both machine under same wifi network. I can access the CDH Virtual Box using the same approach.



@Shayan Kabasi

Have a look at this document, I used to resolve the same issue.

Also see other network options for reference



I tried using successfully my sandbox/shell in box from another pc by configuring my sandbox in bridged adapter mode.

New Contributor


I am facing a similar issue. I am using HDP 3.0 on a Windows 7 machine. After starting the sandbox on Oracle VM Virtual box I am able to access page but not the Ambari home page ( ). I am getting a 401 Unauthorized access error. I have tried resetting the admin password from the ssh console multiple times but no difference. If I use the curl command from the ssh console it is successful (curl -u admin:password -G

Any pointers where I am going wrong will be very helpful.




@Shayan Kabasi

Any updates?

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