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how to access the HADOOP, Hbase that is already present in different system using Apache Ambari can we do this?

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i have installed apache ambari in one system and now i want to access the hadoop that is already installed in different system is that possible?


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>>The remote cluster on which hadoop is running - do you have ambari server also to manage that cluster? Or is it just hadoop installed without Ambari?


1. If you have remote cluster which is managed via Ambari then you can take ambari DB backup and import the backup DB to the newly setup Ambari server node. Check this once -


2. If you are not managing remote cluster using Ambari then its not possible at your end to added the remote hadoop cluster to New Ambari. You need to follow "Ambari Takeover" is a process which can be used to add remote cluster to new Ambari Instance. But it completely depends on which kind of components you have installed and it is usually a tough process to setup Ambari over an existing HDP cluster. But it can be achieved. Similar threads you can find here:


You need to reach Professional services from cloudera team which can help you to migrate remote cluster to new ambari but you need to check possibility of data guarantee before proceeding for this activity.


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@stunningsuraj  Also if the existing Cluster is non HDP platform installed then its not possible to add to new Ambari instance.

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In addition to @sagarshimpi  comment.

Ambari allows to create Views with "Custom" configurations. Like . "HDFS File View" with custom configs.


Your cluster is remote from the standalone Ambari Server running the view and your cluster is not managed by Ambari.  IN this case you will need to provide all the configs like NN address, ...etc on your own while creating custom view instances.