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how to add broker id manually to zookeeper cli

how to add broker id manually to zookeeper cli

we have kafka cluster with 3 brokers machines and 3 zookeeper servers machines

all servers are installed on redhat 7.2 version

but when we run the following cli ( to know that all brokers ids are exist in zookeeper , we get: zoo_server:2181 <<< "ls /brokers/ids"


WatchedEvent state:SyncConnected type:None path:null
[3, 2]

instead to get that:
[3, 2 , 1]

we checked the first broker ( kafka01 ) by searching errors in server.log

And we not see any related error in the log!

port 2181 from kafka broker to zookeeper machine is working

we also restart kafka01 , but this not help to get the broker id in zookeeper cli

we try also to restart all zookeeper servers ( there are 3 ) , and then again to restart kafka01 , but still without results

so any suggestion to this behavior?

can we add the missing broker to zookeeper cli ? , if yes then how?



note - I see another thread -

but no info about how to add id to zookeeper


Re: how to add broker id manually to zookeeper cli


@mike_bronson7 can you check if the file usually located under /kafka-logs has the right value? this should contain


We can't add ids manually to zookeeper, these are ephemeral nodes and they're created every time that a broker registers itself in zookeeper.


Can you provide the startup lines from the server.log?



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