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how to add new ldap user in knox

I want to add new ldap user in knox , I can see users.ldif file under /etc/knox/conf , but i read it is for demo purpose . i want to add new ldap users. In order to achieve this what configurations changes I have to make .



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Anurag Mishra Yes, you figured out right, the users.ldif file contains Users for Knox inbuilt Demo LDAP service. In case, you want to add new users to a real world setup, you need to add users in your Active Directory or LDAP solution itself and integrate the same in Knox.

@Krishna Pandey

Hi Krishna, Thanks for your reply . But I have one query suppose in ldap path there are some users which are in sync with knox , but I do not want to grant access to one of user among others in the same path . to achive this is there some file in the knox server where we append the users which are ldap users and those users only get sync with knox.

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Anurag Mishra You can achieve that by configuring Service level authorization in Knox topology. Read about it here.

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@Anurag Mishra Also you can explore Apache Ranger for much finer access and authorization control.

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