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how to change users password when using Internal database ??

New Contributor

After creating the initial administrator account and several users we now want to go back and change/reset some passwords but can find now way of doing this. We are using internal database and not AD or SML etc.. Is this a possibility or is the product missing a critical security feature?


Thanks for your help.





There are few different internal databases supported by CM but you didn't mention yours.


In case if you are using mysql you can apply the below command (The concept is same but pls follow the corresponding syntax for different db)

a. Login with mysql -u root -p

b. ALTER USER 'username'@'hostname (or) localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; 

New Contributor

 I am unaware with db is used and it is not CM but actually data science work bench. Any thoughts?


Are you logged in a Site Administrator?  If yes, there should be an Admin menu available to manage users.  I am not certain that you can then change passwords.  The users themselves should be able to change their own passwords as well.

New Contributor

Yes I can see the user page but no options anywhere to change passwords and even users can not change their own passwords. any other thoughts?

Rising Star

Unfortunately, this is a missing feature which is already identified and worked on. The best workaround you can follow is to log out and reset your password with the 'Forgot Password?' link on the login page.

New Contributor

Two questions.


(Being that it is ~9months later)


Has there been any progress on changing passwords from within CDSW for CDSW (local) users?


And 2nd - On my login screen, I don't have a 'forgot password' link - Any ideas?


Community Manager

I checked with my contacts and while the issue is not resolved there is a workaround.


The forgot password form is at /forgot-password.  Once reset, use /login?debug=1 to fallback to the local database.


I hope this helps

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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New Contributor

Thankyou muchly.

I can now get into the original 'admin' account