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how to fetch Hbase column name in ATLAS?

I have installed ALTAS 1.0 in HDP 2.6,and i am able to query and see the hive tables,columns,queries in Atlas UI.

What i want is,i have to query and fetch the Hbase table names,column qualifier,column family in altas UI.

Let me know how to fetch hbase data in atlas and do i need to change any configuration in cluster level?


Expert Contributor

@manikandan ayyasamy

HBase hook support for Atlas is introduced in HDP 3.0 . Please upgrade HDP 2.6 to 3.0 . Also note that Atlas 0.8.0 is installed in HDP 2.6.

Thanks for your reply.But i want to fetch hbase columns in Atlas 1.0 version in HDP 2.6, In my case upgradation is not possible.

How to install Hbase hook in HDP 2.6?

New Contributor

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