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how to get url for oozie action logs as an argument to the class

New Contributor

I am using ${ wf: callback('ERROR') } but its giving me error that the reference to entity 'status' must end with the ";" delimiter. Another way is to get job-id using ${ wf:actionExternalId (wf: lastErrorNode()) } and create the URL with proper DNS name but then i am struggling to get Domain name its different than console URL of Oozie in my case. Don't want to create one more properties variable for domain name. Please help ,its really important !! 


New Contributor

how to use ${wf:callback('=ERROR=')} I am getting below error

ERROR JA007: Error on line 16: The reference to entity "status" must end with the ';' delimiter.


Already tried with ${wf:callback('ERROR')}  then also the same error.Please help its very urgent !!

Super Collaborator

Hi Priyanshu, 


This is may not be the answer you are looking for, but this may be a bug in Apache Oozie. Looking at the source code for the string that callback tries to return is 

CALL_BACK_QUERY_STRING = "{0}?" + ID_PARAM + "{1}" + "&" + STATUS_PARAM + "{2}"

Note that there is an & character.  If this is not properly handled, the XML/HTTP will come back with exactly the error you mention (see here). Your best bet may be to use the alternate solution you proposed.