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how to increase open files on kafka cluster

We have 10 kafka machines with kafka version - 1.X

this kafka cluster version is part of HDP version - 2.6.5

We noticed that under /var/log/kafka/server.log the following message


ERROR Error while accepting connection {} Too many open files


We saw also additionally


Broker 21 stopped fetcher for partition ...................... because they are in the failed log dir /kafka/kafka-logs {kafka.server.ReplicaManager}




WARN Received a PartitionLeaderEpoch assignment for an epoch < latestEpoch. this implies messages have arrived out of order. New: {epoch:0, offset:2227488}, Currnet: {epoch 2, offset:261} for Partition: cars-list-75 {kafka.server.epochLeaderEpocHFileCache}


so regarding to the issue -


ERROR Error while accepting connection {} Too many open files



how to increase the MAX open files , in order to avoid this issue



Expert Contributor




 Kafka broker needs at least the following number of file descriptors to just track log segment files:



(number of partitions)*(partition size / segment size)



You can review the current limits configuration under:



cat /proc/<kafka_pid>/limits



If you want to change them, if you're using ambari console you can go to > Kafka > config > and search for "kafka_user_nofile_limit"


Finally, To see open file descriptors, run:






; ;