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how to insert data to kafka using nifi?


How to insert the csv data to kafka using NIFI?


Hi @hema moger

In which format you want to use in Kafka?

Avro is popular format to use with Kafka. You can for instant use PublishKafkaRecord to convert your CSV data into Avro and publish it to Kafka. For this, you need to use a CSV Record reader and an Avro record writter and define your schema in NiFi or Hortonworks Schema Registry. Does this answer your question?


@Abdelkrim Hadjidj

Thanks for reply.

I need csv format in kafka. I was trying the same which you have mentioned. For csv what is record writter i can use ?csvrecordwriter would be fine ?

And i am getting error for the same. can you please tell me what is schema registry screenshot-from-2018-03-07-10-41-56.png

Thanks in advance.