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how to manage sqoop in Cloudera manager 6.2.0


Hi All, 




Can you please help me understanding how Sqoop is managed in Cloudera 6.2.0? I have added the client and downloaded the jdbc driver for the same in /var/lib/sqoop, but I am unable to connect sqoop. 


Please assist. 



Expert Contributor

Hi @Ansar_2601 


For running sqoop commands, its sufficient if you install the sqoop client in the node you prefer and then add the respective JDBC driver to /var/lib/sqoop directory with atleast read permission for all user. I assume you have done both but still facing failures. 


To further review, I would like to know the following details


1. To what database (mysql,oracle etc with version details) are you trying to connect to and what jdbc version are you using?

2. What is the exact error are you facing?