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how to migrate hive partitioned db to new cluster

how to migrate hive partitioned db to new cluster

New Contributor

hi we have dev cluster with 5 nodes and prod cluster with 5 nodes boath with hive installed, now i want to migrate partitioned hive tables from dev to prod cluster,

can someone help me how to properly migrate tables and metastore to prod cluster.

Thanks in advance.


Re: how to migrate hive partitioned db to new cluster

Expert Contributor

@raja reddy

You can copy the HDFS files from your dev cluster to prod cluster, then you can re-create the hive table on the prod cluster and then perform a compute statistic for all the metadata like MSCK REPAIR TABLE command. For re-creating the hive tables, you can get the create statement of the table by doing the show create table <table_name> query in your dev cluster.

Following are the high-level steps involved in a Hive migration

Suppose if clusters are Kerberized then you can refer below links for distcp.

Note: There's no need for export because you can directly copy the data from HDFS between both clusters.

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