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how to modify Ranger log and PID Directories


how can we modify the below ranger parameters.





Rigth now in ambari these are grayed out and does not let me to modify

From the os command prompt ,i tried to modify below two files



example from pidf=/var/run/ranger/ to pidf=/var/log/hdp/ranger/run/

There after Ranger servers failed to come up

Your help is needed


Expert Contributor

@Jacqualin jasmin

Try changing it in Amabri respective Log4j configuration. I know in older versions it is not there. If it's there you can change it ( admin-log4j, usersync-log4j, tagsync-log4j section)

Expert Contributor

Hi @Jacqualin jasmin

You have to use the API or the helper command:

-port 8080 set localhost <CLUSTER_NAME> ranger-env ranger_admin_log_dir
-port 8080 set localhost <CLUSTER_NAME> ranger-env ranger_usersync_log_dir
-port 8080 set localhost <CLUSTER_NAME> ranger-env ranger.tagsync.logdir