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how to upgrade the version of Postgresql and update it to the cluster


Hello All,


we recieved an alert from our server team to upgrade the current version of Postgresql to the latest one. When checked its not the DB server of the cluster having Postgresql as DB but other server of the cluster and I found this package "postgresql-libs-9.2.24-4.el7_8.x86_64"


Just curious why this package exisits on only 1 server apart from the main DB server from out of 5 other cluster servers.


Can I go ahead and remove this package.. will it affect the cluster in any way ?


If i cant remove, how to upgrade this version of postgresql and update the same in the cluster so that the cluster works without any issues. 


thank you ! 


Master Guru

@sass If that server is not using any DB then you can remove that. For DB upgrade you just have to upgrade DB as per vendors instructions and after that just check the file if that's having all the correct details. That's all we need. 

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