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hue is not allowed to impersonate hdfs (error 403)

New Contributor


After installing Hue and Httpfs on my kerberized HDP 3.1 cluster, and editing the config files core-site, hdfs-site and hue.ini, I restarted the hdfs and Hue services, I get this error "hue is not allowed to impersonate hdfs (error 403) " when I want to acces to File Navigator on Hue. Please, have you any idea why I got that error ? and how to fix that ?




@fares boudraa

I think this should resolve your problem Hue is not allowed to impersonate hdfs

Please revert if your problem persist or just accept and close the thread


New Contributor

@Geoffrey Thanks for your response, I have already seen that page and I have applied all the suggestions there, but I still have the same error 😞 Would you have an other suggestion ?

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