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impala from_unixtime - unix_timestamp


impala from_unixtime - unix_timestamp

New Contributor
Hi. I have a question about the date formats.
I am working with impala: impalad version 2.10.0 -cdh5.13.0

I have a table called 'orders' with one field of type integer and another of type timestamp. 
If I select the integer type field to retrieve the value of the date,
I get the result: 2014-07-23 00:00:00. My problem is when I want to retrieve that record by filtering by the date field.
My select is: select * from orders where order_date = from_unixtime (unix_timestamp ('07 / 23/2014 ',' MM / dd / yyyy ')). I don't get any result. Where can the error be? Thank you very much for your help


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