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import data from kafka topics to HDFS


Hello i am new in HW can you please tell me how to import data from kafka topics to HDFS thanks :^

Ps i don't want to use nifi and i want to work with spark streaming


Master Mentor

@maha Rm

Can you describe your Kafka cluster? Is a standalone cluster and you would like to sink the data to hdfs?
here is a link to confluent HDFS connector


@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

I am working in hortonworks sandbox ( ambari 2.6) i created a topic , producer and a consumer i ingested the data in the consumer i want now to send this data from the consumer of kafka to HDFS

Super Collaborator

I would suggest you use HDFS connect rather than Spark Streaming as it is more fault tolerant.

Kafka Connect is built into the base Kafka libraries, but you need to compile and add HDFS Connect separately to the classpath of Connect. Build from here: and use a tagged branch rather than master as the releases are publicly available libraries, not SNAPSHOT builds that require you to compile Kafka from source.