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installing Cloudbreak on Azure HDP VM

New Contributor

Hi Team,

We have installed HDP on our Azure VM and looking to integrate Azure Datalake store. I know this can be done using Cloudbreak and with the help of Hortonworks documents below.

But took approach of manually installing the cloud break deployer and I want exact Azure platform-specific single binaries to deploy the cloud break. I Don't have info on that and not able to find and get them. So can some one help in providing the details.

Thanks in advance.




@Maheswara Talla

Cloudbreak itself is only configuring ADLS access (e.g. by placing properties in core-site.xml) for the cluster, but the necessary jar-s are part of the HDP implementation, so you should install a version that supports ADLS.

You can find more information here.

Hope this helps!

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