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installing two version of grafana hdp 3.0


installing two version of grafana hdp 3.0

New Contributor

dear all,
hdp 3.0 is coming with grafana version 2.6, which is prety old.

i want to use grafana for my other projects, other than big data. i want to either upgrade the grafana version or install another garafana in the same server?

is this possible to upgrade the grafana or having two grafana in the same server?



Re: installing two version of grafana hdp 3.0

@Muhammad idrees
You can't upgrade the grafana instance that comes with AMS but I don't think you would have any issues running another instance of grafana, as long as you change the default port in grafana.ini. All the config for ambari metrics grafana is held in /usr/lib/ambari-metrics-grafana and /etc/ambari-metrics-grafana so the main importance is to keep your other install away from those folders. You could consider a dockerized grafana instance to be even safer (and again be sure to pick a different port than 3000).

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