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invoke HTTP POST processor does not wait for response

New Contributor

Hello folks,


I have following problem:


I transfer products from Niif to my magento module via POST request to automatically creat products.


My Nifi invokeHTTP processor does not wait for the return of my API. I have already set the socket connect timeout, socket read timeout and socket idle timeout to 60 min.

I estimate that the processor should wait +- 10 minutes for the response.

The data is sent correctly to my module and it also processes the data correctly


On my other API calls with fewer products this also works fine, so I suspect it is the wait time for the response that is failing


Once it would run in production, the case with so many products would also no longer occur, but I am still curious why this behavior occurs after n minutes


P.S: I dont get any failure responses or anything else, which makes it even more difficult for me to debug..


P.P.S: I can easily send the amount of products via Postman to my API and everything works fine.