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is it possible to Uninstall completely HDP for clean Fresh Install

hi all

we have small cluster ( ambari version - 2.6.1 )

3 masters machines

3 kafka machines

3 workers machines

is it possible to removed completely the HDP , for new fresh HDP version ?

Now we have HDP - 2.6.5

And we want to install new HDP - 2.6.4




@Michael Bronson

Here is an HCC doc that could help uninstall completely HDP for clean Fresh Install

Hope that helps

New Contributor

I will strongly suggest to reinstall the OS. They extra time you will spend (few hours max) is not worth it the thousand hours you will spend debuging in future. You will never be able to isolate or asses that the previous installation is not affecting you.

Unless your case is very particular (e.g. You really DO NOT have access to the machine, etc... ), reinstall the OS and give yourself peace of mind.

Nice guide though @Geoffrey Shelton Okot

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