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is it possible to install ONLY HDFS on linux machines

hi all

we have 10 Linux machines that should be dedicated to the presto cluster

is it possible to install only HDFS on all 10 machines ?


Sure... why not!?!? 🙂

I just installed HDP 3.1.0 via Ambari as barebones as I could on a small 5 nodes cluster (1 master and 4 workers).

It did make me install Ambari Metrics, SmartSense and ZK, but I was able to delete those after everything was installed as shown in my screenshot. That said, I'd leave those in (and ZK will be required to do HDFS HA), but wanted to make the point that you could JUST have HDFS.

Good luck and happy Hadooping!




you said "I just installed HDP 3.1.0 via Ambari as barebones "

do you means that you installed the HDP version VIA the ambari?

about me

I installed the ambari server on master1 machine , and I have also worker01/02/03 machines

from this point what is the best way to install only the HDFS?

note - we want to automate the installation by Blue print , so no manual steps should be from the ambari GUI



we not have ping to hortonworks ( cluster is in SZ network )