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is it safe to remove the /tmp/hive/hive folder?

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Re: is it safe to remove the /tmp/hive/hive folder?

Super Mentor

@Michael Bronson

I do not remember/think of any specific idem to check at this point, But as long as you are able to run your Hive Queries without any issue and HiveService checks are also running fine. I think we should be good.

Re: is it safe to remove the /tmp/hive/hive folder?

@Dear KJay

so finally lets summary

when we set the following

hive.server2.clear.dangling.scratchdir=true hive.start.cleanup.scratchdir=true 

and then we restart the hive service from ambari

do you think this configuration will be able to delete the old folders under /tmp/hive/hive in spite the folder are a millions folders ?


Re: is it safe to remove the /tmp/hive/hive folder?

New Contributor

@Michael Bronson

Yes you can delete /tmp/hive/hive if it is occupying the hdfs. Its better to schedule a script for every 15 days to cleanup the directory and enable e-mail notifications to get the alerts/warns accordingly. I tried the same in my org. due to storage crises.

Thank you.

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