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I run the following command to check per-topic overrides for Kafka topics. But I just got the following sentence only, it does not showing any data

"Configs for topic 'staging_trading_volume-0' are"

/usr/hdp/current/kafka-broker/bin/ --zookeeper hdpzookeeper1:2181 --entity-type topics --entity-name staging_trading_volume-0 --describe


Hello @Nilesh!
Did you made any override to the staging_trading_volume-0 topic? If so, what was it?


[root@node1 bin]# ./ --zookeeper node2:2181,node3:2181,node1:2181 --topic fake-topic --partitions 3 --replication-factor 3 --create 
Created topic "fake-topic".
[root@node1 bin]# ./ --zookeeper node2:2181,node3:2181,node1:2181 --entity-type topics --entity-name fake-topic --add-config compression.type=snappy --alter
Completed Updating config for entity: topic 'fake-topic'.
[root@node1 bin]# ./ --zookeeper node2:2181,node3:2181,node1:2181 --entity-type topics --entity-name fake-topic --describe
Configs for topic 'fake-topic' are compression.type=snappy

In the case above the kafka-configs will only show the parameters changed for the topics at the client level, at the "global" level those are only visible at the broker configuration ( or ambari).

Hope this helps!

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