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knoxsso redirect to ambari error

i want configuration knoxsso for ambari.

(ambari integrated with openldap)

error in log file:

2019-02-17 16:25:17,090 ERROR knox.gateway ( - Gateway processing failed:

i want know how setup knoxxsso for ambari step by step.

@Neeraj Sabharwal


Cloudera Employee

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@abbas mohammadnejad

1) From the Configs tab, scroll to find the Advanced knoxsso-topology tab and expand it.

2) Change the values for the ShiroProvider authentication provider to match the following values:

    <enabled> true </enabled>
    <value> $USER_DN </value>
    <value> $protocol :// $ldaphost : $port </value>
    <value> $auth_type </value>
    <value> $minutes </value>

3 Save the configs

hi @Nixon Rodrigues

thank you so much. for enable sso i following bellow steps:

1. install knox with ambari ui.

2. Configure Ambari Authentication for LDAP/AD.

3. Configure an LDAP/AD Identity Provider (IdP).

4. Enable Knox SSO using the Ambari CLI.

5. amabari server restart.

is necessary i setup proxy or i use the default topology ?

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