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kudu table replication from PROD to DR


Hello Floks,


    Is there any way to replicate Kudu table Data from Prod Cluster to DR. We have already setup Cludera BDR to replicate HDFS data from PROD to DR by Cluster peering. 


    Currently we are running KUDU service on cluster and requiremet is to replicate Kudu table data from PROD to DR. 




New Contributor

I think the best way to do this would be to copy your Kudu tables to HDFS as a parquet (do a select as and create a new table into HDFS). We do this using a javascript job that drops and recreates the Kudu tables as parquet on a daily basis. After the Kudu tables are in HDFS you can leverage the HDFS replication options.

New Contributor

Hi folks,

Where can I find the java script or bash script which we can use to replicate the kudu tables from Prod to DR cluster?

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