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mapreduce job stuck at map 0% reduce 0%

mapreduce job created by the sqoop task is stuck at 0%  , any ideas what i am doing wrong?

2019-08-12 07:12:20,253 INFO [Socket Reader #1 for port 37566] org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Server: Starting Socket Reader #1 for port 37566
2019-08-12 07:12:20,256 INFO [IPC Server Responder] org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Server: IPC Server Responder: starting
2019-08-12 07:12:20,257 INFO [IPC Server listener on 37566] org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Server: IPC Server listener on 37566: starting
2019-08-12 07:12:20,281 INFO [main] nodeBlacklistingEnabled:true
2019-08-12 07:12:20,281 INFO [main] maxTaskFailuresPerNode is 3
2019-08-12 07:12:20,281 INFO [main] blacklistDisablePercent is 33
2019-08-12 07:12:20,284 INFO [main] 0% of the mappers will be scheduled using OPPORTUNISTIC containers
2019-08-12 07:12:20,311 INFO [main] org.apache.hadoop.yarn.client.RMProxy: Connecting to ResourceManager at
2019-08-12 07:12:20,468 INFO [main] maxContainerCapability: <memory:8192, vCores:2>
2019-08-12 07:12:20,468 INFO [main] queue: root.users.cloudera
2019-08-12 07:12:20,473 INFO [main] Upper limit on the thread pool size is 500
2019-08-12 07:12:20,473 INFO [main] The thread pool initial size is 10
2019-08-12 07:12:20,497 INFO [AsyncDispatcher event handler] job_1565618944746_0001Job Transitioned from INITED to SETUP
2019-08-12 07:12:20,522 INFO [CommitterEvent Processor #0] Processing the event EventType: JOB_SETUP
2019-08-12 07:12:20,575 INFO [AsyncDispatcher event handler] job_1565618944746_0001Job Transitioned from SETUP to RUNNING
2019-08-12 07:12:20,605 INFO [AsyncDispatcher event handler] task_1565618944746_0001_m_000000 Task Transitioned from NEW to SCHEDULED
2019-08-12 07:12:20,607 INFO [AsyncDispatcher event handler] attempt_1565618944746_0001_m_000000_0 TaskAttempt Transitioned from NEW to UNASSIGNED
2019-08-12 07:12:20,619 INFO [Thread-58] mapResourceRequest:<memory:4096, vCores:2>
2019-08-12 07:12:20,627 INFO [eventHandlingThread] org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.jobhistory.JobHistoryEventHandler: Event Writer setup for JobId: job_1565618944746_0001, File: hdfs://
2019-08-12 07:12:21,476 INFO [RMCommunicator Allocator] Before Scheduling: PendingReds:0 ScheduledMaps:1 ScheduledReds:0 AssignedMaps:0 AssignedReds:0 CompletedMaps:0 CompletedReds:0 ContAlloc:0 ContRel:0 HostLocal:0 RackLocal:0
2019-08-12 07:12:21,542 INFO [RMCommunicator Allocator] getResources() for application_1565618944746_0001: ask=1 release= 0 newContainers=0 finishedContainers=0 resourcelimit=<memory:5120, vCores:1> knownNMs=1


Master Collaborator

Check you RM and NM logs. How much resources have you given the NM? Does the NM have enough resources for your task to run (5GB RAM, 1 vcore)?


If the NM and RM logs don't show much, enable DEBUG logging and run the same thing again.





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Go to RM web UI to see the amount of resources you have in your cluster and check if your job requires more than that. This can confirm you are out of resources.

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