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message:java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Storage schema reading not supported


I'm getting the error "

message:java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Storage schema reading not supported"
I've found this online and similar articles to it:
That says to "To resolve this issue, add the following property to the hive_site.xml file in the cluster configuration and restart the Data Integration Service:​"

I'm running Hive 3.1.5.  I have hive-site.xml files on all of the hive clients in the cluster as well as on the server.  I don't see an option to add that value to the Hive configs in the Ambari GUI.  Also, when I look at the Ambari GUI, there's no Data Integration Service for Hive.  


So, to fix that issue, do I add that line to all of the client hive-site.xml files then stop/start certain Hive servers on the Ambari GUI?  Or is this all command line and outside of that GUI?  


Please advise when you can.  TIA




To resolve this issue, configure Hive Metastore to use SerdeStorageSchemaReader implementation:

  1. Go to Ambari > Hive > Config > Custom hive-site
  2. Set the following property to configure Hive Metastore:


Thanks for the prompt response!  One follow-up question:  In Ambari, when I go to Add Property in Custom hive-site, There's a box for Property Type, and the choices in it are:  PASSWORD, USER, GROUP, TEXT, ADDITIONAL_USER_PROPERTY, NOT_MANAGED_HDFS_PATH, and VALUE_FROM_PROPERTY_FILE.  Which Property Type do I use for that?

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@MikeB please provide the screenshot



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Please ignore the property type,please fill  in key and value 

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Even I am seeing a similar issue while trying to discover the schema of a table created with Regex Serde. However, we are using HDP 2.6.5 in our environment and wanted to know if this parameter and the suggestion provided in this thread is applicable to the version of the HDP that we are using ?


Could you please let us know in which version of the HDP and Hive this has been introduced ?




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If you are sure about the solution you can add the property in "custom hive-site" and "custom hive-metastore-site"

Add the property and value.



Please accept this as solution,if this works

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This issue is still present in CDP 7.1.7 sp1.

We had to edit the advanced snippet for hive-site.xml for the Metastore service and add: