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multiple listenHttpProcessor on same port in nifi

Expert Contributor

The webhook I am getting data from allows only port 80 to listen to it. I am using Nifi to get events from this webhook and first ListenHttp Processor on port 80 works fine. How do I run more ListenHttp Processors on this same port? is that not possible using diff. base url's? If not, what is the workaround?


Hi @Simran Kaur,

That's not possible. However you can do a single ListenHttp followed by a RouteOnAttribute that will route the flow files based on the requested URL (the attribute should be http.request.url).

Hope this helps.

Expert Contributor

Oh, that sounds very nice. Could I find more examples on using RouteOnAttribute ? I looked at the usage and there is not much explanation there.

Expert Contributor

Expert Contributor

and how do I exactly know what the attribute is called? for ex. http.request.url ?

Expert Contributor

Also, I was looking at the attributes of those in queue>





Why do I not see http.request.url here ? @Pierre Villard

You're right, ListenHttp cannot be used as I said... I was thinking about the use of HandleHttpRequest and HandleHttpResponse. With ListenHttp you cannot actually access multiple URLs.

An example could be:

Hope this helps.

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