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my cluster is disappeared from cloudera manager

New Contributor


I have install CDH5.12 to all my nodes and after I had installed NTP in all nodes, when i am trying to relogin cloudera manager,  i found my cluster was missing,  and asking for CDH installation.

could you please help me what is the reason and how to fix this issue.



Hi kchandra123,

I'm likely late on this post, but if you still have this problem, can you tell us what do you see after you've relogined to Cloudera Manager? I think it could be the first-run wizard, which may appear because Cloudera Manager's configuration has been changed to different database, or similar.


New Contributor

I encounter the same problem and as u said, after I logined, the wizard appear.

Could you please help me solve this problem?

Super Guru



What version of Cloudera Manager are you using?  In recent releases, it should not be possible to have this sort of thing happen unless your database is indeed without any information.


Go to the following directory:



Next, look at the file.

Make sure it is configured properly with your correct database host, port, etc.


If not, you can also look at other files in the directory to see if any of them may contain the correct information.


If you are unsure, feel free to share the information here (redcacting your password if necessary)

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