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mysql log cleanup on a Hive server


I have a Hive server in my cluster running a MySQL instance.  The logfile /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.log is getting really large and I need to figure out the proper way to prune it.


The server it's running on is CentOS 7.  Can I just 'cat /dev/null > mysqld.log' to clear it out, or are there other considerations?  Can I get away with simply stopping the MySQL instance briefly to delete or 'zero out' the file, or do I need to stop all the services on that Hive master node in Ambari?


Please advise if you can.




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Hi @MikeB 


Make sure you are not running anything on the cluster at the time when you are cleaning up the MySQL log file. 


1. Stop the MySQL service. 

2. Remove the log file. 

3. You can add this parameter in the my.cnf which will limit the size of the MySQL logs on that node. 


# relay log restrictions




This will limit the new mysqld logs to be of max 1Gb. 


Please check official mysql documentation as well.

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