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need to control spark2-history size


in spark2-history ,long running application generating logs with 30GB+ size.

how to control spark2-history size for each application .


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If you see your "/spark2-history" log folder has many old orphan files then probably these are the files left over due to spark-driver failures / crashes ...etc.

You can check your Spark configs following parameters.


NOTE: However, there are some issues reported already for older version of Spark where the spark.history.fs.cleaner required some improvements.

As part of fix Spark 2.2 should function properly.

Also please check if the ownership of the files present inside the "/spark2-history" is correctly set or not? If not then please set it correctly according to your setup.

# hdfs dfs -chown spark:hadoop  /spark2-history 


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Why don't you set SPARK_DAEMON_MEMORY=2g in ?


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