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nifi: how to convert many file data into one file?

I want to get more than 20000 flowfile from hdfs and reunit them into one flowfile ( i mean i want to get data from these files (they are in xml format) and input it into variable named content ,then when i finish this process i want to serilize xml in a way that all this data will be enrolled inside ... tag)

  1. is it possbile to fulfill this task by nifi processors or i will have to use groovy code?

@sally sally Not sure, this is what you are looking for, but you can do a MergeContent based on Binary concatenation (if all has same structure) than via replaceText, may be you can put everything inside a root node to make them valid XML structure, do required manipulations and later split them based on desired things.

can i use Mergecontent for 20000 files?

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