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nifi http_proxy in nifi-registry registry-clients

New Contributor

I setup nifi and nifi-registry to different servers and they communicate fine with https and cert authorization and authentication.

Now i face a problem in exactly the same setup for another nifi that need to communicate with the same nifi-registry. The problem is that the new nifi is on a restricted area, with http_proxy. I search many days for a solution for that. I don't find anything in the documentation about that. At nifi in the controller settings/registry-clients, is there any way that i can inform nifi that the communication will be through http_proxy and not straight? Nothing on the documentation talks about that. Maybe people face it with another way? Or simple is not possible?

The version of nifi and nifi-registry are 1.15.3.



I posted a similar thread here.  Nifi doesn't seem to be honouring HTTP_PROXY settings.