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nifi not able to log in web Ui


I Have root Priviligies in Nifi and able to see all Nifi Properties But not access WEB UI. NO LDAP is Configured But in Place with kerberos.


Master Guru

@Sam Red

Some screenshots and more details on what you see may be helpful here.

Here are some things to check first:

- Are you seeing a login screen when you try to access the NiFi URL?

-- If so, what do you see after providing your kerberos login credentials?

- Are you running a NiFi standalone instance or a NiFi cluster?

- What are you using as your authorizer?

-- Default NiFi internal file based authorizer?

--- Do the users.xml and authorizations.xml files contain the proper entries?

-- External authorizer such as Ranger?

--- Where the proper authorizations granted for your users?

- What do you see in the nifi-app.log when you try to login?

Thank you,