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nifi + spark structured streaming

New Contributor

Hi, I want to use nifi to simulate a streaming from a large dataset that contain items A,B,C,D,E, and split each line and continuously feed to spark through Kafka to implement structured streaming and analyse data.

Dataset example:

A, B, C, D

A, C, E

D, E

B, C, D, E


I am currently using .txt file and using listfile->fetchfile->splittext->putkafka, and when I run submit spark, it show there are some error on topic.




I was wondering what type of file should I create to put this sample dataset and what executor should I use, also the spark code (python).


@Po-Heng Chen

I recently built a presentation around nifi->kafka->spark to showcase image analysis from twitter feeds. Please take a look at this github as I think it could help you in your case: