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nifi splitjson array to HBASE row

i'm having json array as

{"weather": [ {"id":"1","latitude":"13.08","longitude":"80.27","temprature":"39","pressure":"1009mb","visibility":"7km","wind":"4mph","cloudcover":"50%","momentmagnitude":"9.1"}, {"id":"2","latitude":"14.08","longitude":"80.27","temprature":"39","pressure":"1009mb","visibility":"7km","wind":"4mph","cloudcover":"50%","momentmagnitude":"9.1"}, {"id":"3","latitude":"15.08","longitude":"80.27","temprature":"39","pressure":"1009mb","visibility":"7km","wind":"4mph","cloudcover":"50%","momentmagnitude":"9.1"}, {"id":"4","latitude":"16.08","longitude":"80.27","temprature":"39","pressure":"1009mb","visibility":"7km","wind":"4mph","cloudcover":"50%","momentmagnitude":"9.1"}, {"id":"5","latitude":"17.08","longitude":"80.27","temprature":"39","pressure":"1009mb","visibility":"7km","wind":"4mph","cloudcover":"50%","momentmagnitude":"9.1"} ] }

i'am trying to insert the same to hbase,

Problem :- only the last row is getting inserted.

how to get the each array into hbase row



@Subramaniyam KMV, could you please update your question and include the actual code you are running, so that we can reproduce the problem? Once we have steps to reproduce, it will be much more easier to fix


Please refer the attchment. ---> mqtt-hbase.png

Step 1) ConsumeMQTT using mosquitto

Step 2) UpdateAttributes

Step 3) EvaluateJsonPath

Step 4) SplitJson - will produce the separate flowfile for each JSON array

Step 5) PutHbaseJSON --> Store the Json Array to HBASE

Hope you can now simulate the same

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