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not able to activate KAFKA

New Contributor

hi all,

I downloaded the Kafka parcel and distributed it but when it comes to activation, its showing error "CDH (5.2 and higher) parcel required for KAFKA (3.0.0- is not available". I am following the steps to install Kafka through cloudera manager from below given link


I even checked my cloudera manager version from support>about navigation and it's showing below message



Expert Contributor

The error is about CDH and not Cloudera Manager.

The specific version of Cloudera Kafka needs both to be at least, version 5.13.

Master Guru
Also, if you do already have CDH, is it package managed or parcel managed?
You can tell by looking at the top of the cluster services list on CM home
page, or by visiting the little gift box icon on top right that takes you
to the parcels management page.

For using Kafka parcel, ensure you use CDH as parcels too. You can do a
quick migration following this:

New Contributor

Hi, Harsh,

How can I tell if I am using package managed or parcels managed? I am using 5.13.0 dockerized CDH express version. And I meet this issue too. I cannot activate kafka after installing the kafka parcel.

Master Guru
The docker version (5.13.x) of quickstart uses a package based installation
by default.

New Contributor

Thank you for your quick reply!!  So can I try to convert to parcel managed referred in this link?


Or do I need other installation environment?

New Contributor
OK, leave me and I will do a clean installation with parcels. Thanks Harsh. 🙂
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