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not able to run query in Impala

New Contributor



When I am running the SELECT query in Impala I am not able to run any query. I am getting a below error.


Welcome to the Impala shell.
(Impala Shell v3.2.0-cdh6.3.0 (4953971) built on Thu Jul 18 10:24:11 PDT 2019)

To see a summary of a query's progress that updates in real-time, run 'set
Query: use `default`

[x.x.x.x:21000] default> select * from test.t1;
Query: select * from test.t1
Query submitted at: 2019-09-19 11:43:25 (Coordinator: http://x.x.x.x:25000)
Query progress can be monitored at: http://x.x.xx:25000/query_plan?query_id=d749fb15763660b7:128a66f300000000
ERROR: Failed due to unreachable impalad(s): x.x.x.x:2200


Can somebody please check and help me out here




Cloudera Employee

Hi @dmahato 


The error "ERROR: Failed due to unreachable impalad(s): x.x.x.x:2200" occurs when one of the impala daemons are not reachable. So queries which try to run fragments on this impalad will fail and hence the query since it is not reachable. 


If you are facing the unreachable error for only one host - To keep things rolling, you can try stopping the impalad on this specific host and try running the query. This way the queries won't try to run fragments on this impalad and should run fine. 


To find out the cause, you might have to check the connectivity to this affected impalad on port 22000.

It was most likely a crash. You could probably confirm by looking at the logs or health checks on the affected host.


Please report via support if you have a support contract.

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