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not correct display chart

New Contributor

Dear colleagues,

I have problem with display charts in cloudera manager.

I have tried to see charts for seven days but for example in regard to the "claster disk IO" chart it's correct but for the HDFS IO chart it's not correct. Please, see the scrinshots. Which settings must I do for fixing situation? Version of cloudera - cloudera express 5.10.0.



Super Guru



I tried the same:

SELECT total_bytes_read_rate_across_datanodes,total_bytes_written_rate_across_datanodes where serviceType=HDFS and category=SERVICE


And it worked out fine.

One thing I did not, though, is that in my chart information, I could see the HDFS service name listed in the legend like this:Edit_Chart__Bytes_Read__Average__Max__Min__in__hdfsServiceDataNodes_datanodeIo__-_Cloudera_Manager.png

Perhaps it is a clue that you have no HDFS Service Name there.

Perhaps try going to HDFS Status page in Cloudera Manager and then click on the Total Bytes Written Across DataNodes chart to see if it shows any data.

New Contributor

Hello bgooley,


Unfortunately it doesn't work.

The charts on HDFS status page for seven days showing the same:


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