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oozie logs from command line


oozie logs from command line

i want to check logs for my oozie application , I know there is way to check the logs from oozie ui clicking on application id and then logs but I want to gett all info using command from command line. I am using below command to access the same :

oozie job -oozie http://<host>11000/oozie/ -info applicationid

but this does not fetch the complete logs what I can see from oozie web ui , how can i check the complete logs from the command line utility ?

my second question :

When I use command line utility I get some of information on logs for the oozie job , does this information also persist completely in /var/log/oozie or there could be more info present under /var/log/oozie for the ozoie job.


Re: oozie logs from command line


When you know your application ID try accessing your yarn logs

Usage: yarn logs -applicationId <application ID> [options]

-applicationId <application ID>Specifies an application id
-appOwner <AppOwner>AppOwner (assumed to be current user if not specified)
-containerId <ContainerId>ContainerId (must be specified if node address is specified)
-nodeAddress <NodeAddress>NodeAddress in the format nodename:port (must be specified if container id is specified)


Re: oozie logs from command line

@Anurag Mishra,

1) You can run the below command

oozie job -oozie http://<host>:11000/oozie/ -log {oozieJobId}

2) Yes. The logs will also be saved under /var/log/oozie directory.



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