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oozie shell action doesnt send email


I am running a shell script through oozie. A piece of my shell script has below code. I receive an email when I run this shell script through unix Command line but when I run this shell script through oozie Job it will succeed but I dont get any mail. How can I resolve this? Or is there any alternative way I can get email with attachment once string matches in unix filesystem?

if [ "$Var" = "Error" ] then echo "Data error" | mail -v -s "Data Error" -a error.csv -S smtp=smtp://mail-gateway -S" exit


Rising Star

Do you receive email when you run the mail command manually on different worker nodes in your cluster (remember shell action will run on a randomly assigned worker node)?


It works, When I manually run mail from worker and master nodes. When I runt the shell script from oozie. it doesnot work.

Cloudera Employee

I would suggest to use a Decision node and an Email action instead of sending the mail from a shell script.

If you prefer the shell, make sure you set every environment variable that's needed for the mail command to work.

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